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  • Anthony Deamant, AMFT

    My main mission is helping couples achieve their own set of goals with my guidance and attention to detail, I can hold you accountable. My passion is geared towards working with individuals and couples who are navigating through tough life transitions such as alternative lifestyles, break-ups, infidelity or the nuances and intricacies of poly-relationships.

    I can provide a space where couples can explore the ever-changing definition of a relationship, which is a key focus of mine or seeking emotional independence, dealing with partner codependency, help with setting boundaries, fear of rejection, feelings of jealousy, working through trust issues and fear of abandonment.

    I have two chihuahua-mixes that keep me busy at home, and I find myself absolutely drawn to drama series like Dawson’s Creek and New Amsterdam. I am also a big fan of 80’s and 90’s films!