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  • What Is An Emotional Affair?

    An emotional affair is a form of infidelity where a person develops a deep emotional connection with someone outside of their committed relationship. This connection can be characterized by intimacy, closeness, and a romantic or sexual attraction, even if there is no physical contact between the two individuals involved. Emotional affairs can occur in person or online, and may start innocently enough as a friendship or professional relationship. Over time, the emotional connection may deepen and become a source of romantic or sexual attraction.

    The feeling of an emotional affair can be based on the perception. Some partners can be sensitive if they have experienced a partner cheating with a co-worker or friend. The common theme is secrecy and withholding information along with how deep conversations go, having anticipation and excitement of a new connection.

    Here are some red flags of emotional affairs:

    1. Never talking about this new “friendship or relationship” with your partner with secrecy. 

    2. Having excitement and anticipation whenever you talk to this new person. Is there flirting with sexual chemistry?

    3. Sharing intimate details not normally shared. Complaining about a partner not giving attention, or not working hard enough or someone that may be a slob at home.

    4. Bonding around something you have in common.

    5. Knowing the connection would bother a partner, if they knew about it.

    Emotional affairs can be just as damaging to a committed relationship as physical infidelity, and may lead to feelings of betrayal, mistrust, and heartbreak. It’s important for individuals who are involved in emotional affairs to recognize the impact of their actions on their committed relationships, and to seek help and support if necessary to work through their feelings and repair their relationships.

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