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    Irena Shwartzman, AMFT

    Being a therapist is my pleasure, calling and passion. To be able to help people to be happier is a privilege. In my work with clients, I integrate empathy with encouragement. My main therapeutic philosophy that I lean on is Gestalt theory which says that our behaviors, emotions, and fears are based on our needs and its fulfillment or lack of it. Every person has a need to be heard, understood, and validated. I help my clients to become more proactive on their journey to a better and happier life

    I work with young adults, adults and parents who may be struggling with depression, self-harm, anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, trauma, stress management, attachment struggles, and as well as with self-esteem and identity development. I also help couples who are dealing with infidelity, and communication issues. We can also speak in other languages in therapy as I know four of them: English, Hebrew, Russian and Ukrainian.

    On a personal note, I love traveling because it satisfies my need to be an observer and an explorer. My superpower is my sEnSe oF hUmOr! 😀

    Irena Speaks Four languages: English, Hebrew, Russian and Ukrainian!