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  • Can I Use My Insurance at Therapy By Choice INC?

    A common question we hear is how much will therapy cost me and will my insurance cover the expense? 

    Therapy By Choice INC is a private practice and at this time does not accept insurance. We do provide a superbill and some insurance companies will reimburse the client however please read the following key differences between using insurance and private pay:

    1. Cost: In private practice, clients pay for therapy services out of pocket. With insurance, clients usually have a copay or deductible they must meet before insurance covers the cost of therapy.

    2. Choice of Therapist: In private practice, clients have the freedom to choose any therapist they want. With insurance, clients are often limited to choosing from a network of therapists that are covered by their insurance plan.

    3. Length of Treatment: With private practice, the length of therapy is often determined by the client and the therapist, based on the client’s needs and progress. With insurance, there are often limitations on the number of sessions that are covered.

    4. Confidentiality: In private practice, therapists are not required to share information with insurance companies unless clients provide written consent. With insurance, therapists are often required to share information about clients and their treatment in order to receive reimbursement.

    5. Diagnosis: Insurance companies require therapists to provide a diagnosis in order for therapy to be covered. This can lead to clients being labeled with a mental health diagnosis, which can impact future insurance coverage and career opportunities.

    To summarize, private practice and insurance for therapy both have pros and cons, and it’s up to each individual to determine which option is best for them based on their specific needs and circumstances.